Inward Investment in Portugal

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In Business. In Portugal. INFEIRA. INFEIRA is a business consultancy based just south of Porto, and our philosophy is to forge deep relationships with our clients to help them confront the challenges they face and maximize their growth potential. In concrete terms this means dealing with day-to-day issues like training, grant applications, certification, tax issues, accountancy and so on for … Read More

Cork Supplier from Portugal

CorkLink - Cork Supplier from Portugal

CORKLINK – Cork Supplier direct from Portugal We are a group of several cork processing factories each specialising in a different area of cork production. So we can supply cork stoppers, (natural, colmated, capsulated, 1+1, technical, champagne, agglomerated and micro-agglomerated) as well as agglomerated cork products (such as notice boards, moulded items). We have expertise in making a wide variety of … Read More